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Twenty-Three Days In

How is everyone doing?

Please Check In

This year our team roster looks like this:


Please leave a comment here so I know that you're in this community and reading the posts that get put up. I will bold your name as you check-in so we'll know who is here and who isn't.

With a team of just seven people, wouldn't it be awesome if we had a 100% completion rate as a team?

Shall we set that as our team goal for this year? To have EVERYONE win NaNoWriMo?


Whatcha Writing for 2013?

I think the subject says it all, really LoL What are you writing for NaNo this year?

I'm going to write a new first draft of 'Hollow Children'. I've been struggling with this story since July 2011 so in November I am putting all my previous attempts at drafts and scenes and what nots up on a shelf, not looking at them at all, and pumping out 50k words of a new first draft. And then in December I hope to keep going until the draft is done. Hopefully around 80 or 90k words.


Descending Word Count

Does anyone know the formula to write fewer words each day so that on November 30th you only have to write 1 word to reach 50K? It's called a Descending Word Count. I can't find a formula that works anywhere and I want to present it as an option to the NaNoLJers before November starts. :)


Wow. It's almost NaNo time again :)

Last year we all had to migrate over to Team Thalia, but it looks like this year we'll be right back here, in Team Calliope, where we belong.

I'll be doing NaNo again this year too, instead of being a cheerleader from the sidelines as I was last year. Yay!

You guys excited? Bored? Undecided as to if you are doing it this year?

Exciting Start

What an exciting start to NaNoWriMo!

In case you haven't seen already, after a streak of winning the NaNoLJers cup, Team Calliope is merging with Team Clio to form a new team, Team Thalia.


I've invited everyone, I think, but if I missed you please pop over and request an invite and I'll approve it right away.

I will also post more in a few hours, but I think I need sleep first.

I'm somewhat saddened that Team Calliope will not be competing this year, but at least we've retired that name undefeated. Am I right? :)

Let's see how awesome we can make Team Thalia!


It looks to me like Zuri still needs a lot (like 7) of people to check in here: http://team-calliope.livejournal.com/43535.html

We can't keep track of your word count, progress for word wars etc. If you don't check in with her... and keep your NaNoWriMo word count up to date, but that's a nag for another day.

For now, just check in. Please.


There has been some interest in having a few live chats over November. I'm certainly in favor of that, but I'm not sure about the mechanics. Any suggestions on how we should actually go about chatting? I have a ventrillo server if we want to use it -- it has voice and text chat, but if there's a more elegant solution I'm in favor of that LOL

Your Team Reporter!

Hello all, I am Zurizip, your team reporter for this year.  I am getting a lovely little excel spread sheet together so that we can have numbers to go with our words (but not intermingled with our words, because that's algebra, and I don't want to do that.)  This will let me make averages and graphs, and other shiny things to keep my attention when I should be writing.

To that end, please post a comment here which says these three things:

1. You nano name.
2. A raw link to your nano page.  Not a pretty linked word, or a shiny clever bit, just the raw link.  (as in www.nanowrimo.org/blah blah blah)
3. Cake or Death?